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My Reaction: Presidential Debate 2016


The first presidential debate the 2016 started off better than most expected. Donald Trump was holding his own with his stance on NAFTA and trade policies: he seemed relaxed and spoke directly to his base of supporters. Unfortunately for Trump, that easiness lasted all of 15 minutes, as we saw him devolve into his usual nonsense. Hillary Clinton effectively jabbed Trump by asking, “Why won’t he release his tax returns? Maybe he’s not as rich as he says he is.”  Trump played right into the back and forth banters, as he was repeatedly drawn off topic and made himself look more egocentric.

Heading into the debate the big word at play was substance, not so much for Clinton, but for Trump to layout detailed policy. In this regard he failed miserably, constantly interrupting and yelling out unclear talking points. Trump displayed the likes of a candidate, who either didn’t properly prepare for the debate or doesn’t understand how policy works. Clinton consistently maintained a controlled almost methodical tone when discussing her policies and breaking down her talking points. One of her high points during the debate was when she began laying out a plan to re-train our police force, demanding more transparency and community consideration.

My two biggest takeaways from the two candidates concerned their demeanor and their knowledge, or lack thereof, on some of the issues. For Hillary Clinton, it’s worrisome that her cyber security plans, which happens to be one of her weaker positions, lacked focus, clarity and depth. I’m interested to see how she plans to address this further in the next two debates. Donald Trump has consistently showed that he doesn’t understand a lot of things, but one of his biggest messages to his voters is that he’s their champion and he cares deeply for this country. The debate would’ve been an excellent time for him to show his plan and vision for America, alas he did not. America learned that not only does he not care to prepare for a debate, but also if he doesn’t care enough to learn about the issues facing America, does he actually care about the people?

Hillary Clinton has always been about policy, she knows it like no one else does, she shines when it comes to laying out a future for our country. Donald has always been about himself and he’s made it very clear that hasn’t changed. By the end of the night, two things were very clear: Hillary Clinton is prepared to run a country and Donald is still struggling with figuring out what it takes to understand how the country works. All in all, Hillary Clinton had the most to lose in this debate and she did not disappoint in the slightest by showing she will put in the work to take care of America. While Donald Trump showed America what we already knew, he’s not prepared to run the country.


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Rutgers Student studying Political Science & Government with a minor in Journalism who has an interest in the intersection of journalism and political movements.

Twitter: Sam_Tuero

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