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An Allegory for Life In Terms of Bubbles

There is just something amazing about bubbles. Some are fast and fleeting but other bubbles just stay in place and stay there until they hit the ground and … pop. These are the most beautiful bubbles since you can look over every single detail about them until they are gone forever. Yet the fast ones they are inspirational. They move so fast that you can barely see them and it makes you curious and wonder what they look like floating still like the others. In the end you don’t care since they disappear faster than they were made. Now these bubbles aren’t just created fast or still, it’s based off a lot of things. If the wind is blowing too hard the bubble will just pop before even being made. If it is to hot the bubble won’t last as long. But when the wind and the temperature is just right these very different bubbles exist. And for the time that they float before your eyes they entertain you even in the smallest way. But in the end they pop and when they do it’s almost sad. To have seen something so beautiful float before your eyes or fly away in the wind. Yet you know that this was what they were meant for. To have their few moments before your eyes and then pop only to be remembered and forgotten by you. And that’s the beautiful and sad truth about bubbles.




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