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21 Problems Every Golfer Understands

“The great game of golf is a mental game.”

  1. Hitting out of a bunker into another bunker.

    Yeah… your group is awkward and silent because they don’t know how to save the tiny bit of your dignity that is left in you.
  2. Slicing a tee shot onto the fairway of another hole.
    1980s golf 1980 slice caddyshack
  3. When you have to declare a lost ball because you give up searching in a deep rough.

    Yeah… that ball is a goner, and so is that 5 minutes you spent searching for it.
  4. Landing in a deep sand trap where you need to defy the laws of physics to punch out.
  5. Putting on aerated greens.
  6. Swinging at an impossible lie.
  7. Playing with an opponent who takes more than two practice swings.
  8. Missing a putt, then seeing your ball roll into a bunker.funny angry golf adam sandler happy gilmore
  9. When you get on green for a birdie, but 3-putt for a bogey.
  10. Playing in the rain.

    And then getting a fever afterwards.
  11. Trying to read high winds.
  12. When you make a par.
  13. Playing as it lies.
    golf shots
    America's Funniest Home Videos funny fail kid ouch
  14. Thinking your ball landed on fairway, but it’s a mushroom.

    ~oh the disappointment~
  15. Looking through Golfer’s Digest then looking inside your wallet.

    Splurging $200 on that new rescue won’t shave your score anyways.
  16. Golfers with a bad temper.
  17. Forgetting your wedge on the previous green.
  18. People who say golf isn’t a sport.
  19. Losing a brand new Pro V1 on the first tee shot.

  20. Cheaters.

    I promise you, look up “I didn’t cheat in golf” in google images.
  21. Farmer’s tan.


Despite of the self-inflicted stress and disappointment, you still love a good round of golf. Now go enjoy a fresh, cold beer and burger in the clubhouse.


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