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USA Men’s Basketball: Dominating isn’t a worry in this Olympics 

Everybody take a deep breath. Yes, the USA played perhaps the most atrocious three and a half quarters of Olympic Basketball in recent memory, but  fortunately, the team still shows considerable promise. Many might wonder “how in the world does Australia  (no offense to Matthew Delledova and the rest of Australia)  even compete with the USA at its own game?” That said, from this writer’s perspective, this team will be alright.

Lets just get one thing straight: I’m not knocking any player on the current roster, but this isn’t exactly the top tier players who should be representing the USA. In hindsight, it would have behooved the US Olympic team to call upon its brass ring entourage of mainstream superstars. Between Steph Curry, LeBron James, and so on, the USA possesses a bevy of talent that has gone foolishly underutilized this Olympic season. However, the current team representing the USA in Rio  still shows why the USA truly remains the basketball capital of the world.


Surely the past two games (decided by 13 total points) aren’t what most Americans are used to seeing, but when standards get set to a “win or go home” mentality, onlookers will see why they are number one in the world for a reason. Many also seem to ignore the fact that Australia is more than likely the second best team in the current tournament and starts FIVE players currently on an NBA roster. I only hope four years from now the superstars of the NBA don’t pass up on such a prestigious and humbling experience and represent their country just like we all surely have dreamed of doing.


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